Axion Travel Nursing

We offer a no hassle travel solutions that meets your flexibility and financial requirements by avoiding a one size fits all recruitment approach. Through the relationship that you develop with your Axion Travel Nurse recruiter, you can have confidence that your candidacy will always be treated with care. Our 30+ years in the staffing industry have centered on our ability to find great travel assignment fits for our highly valued Travel Nurses through our committed recruitment team.

Experts in the Compliance Proces and Efficient Clearance Process
Nationwide Assignments Available Year Round

Top Pay-We offer the maximum on every contract the first time around! Our staff are compensated on long term relationships and retention....Rather than being incentivized by negotiating contracts that lead to you receiving a less than competitive travel package.

Competent Recruiters-Able to suggest and close contracts most closely suited to your clinical skill level. Able to communicate clearly compensation packages eliminating frustrating contract challenges. Our recruiters eliminate the “Say/Do" gap!

Tradition-We adhere to a standard of professionalism that mirrors the expectations of our most valuable asset. You!

Please Contact:

Travel opportunities for the West, Central, and Southeast Markets
Isaac Y. King | Director of Travel Nursing | Axion Healthcare Solutions
p. 602-635-1781 | f. 602-865-8762

Travel opportunites for Northeast Market
Victoria Vaisbrod | Senior Nurse Recruiter | Axion LLC.
p. 212.847.2947 | f. 646.924.3195